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Luise Kobligk




Many of us are so fundamentally disconnected from their humanity and Mother Earth. Not knowing how to feel their own emotions. Trapped in a cycle of negativity, depression and destructive behavior, creating contractions in the body, manifesting disease and illness with no way out. All we seek is connection. Someone to vibrate with us. Someone to create a space of unconditional acceptance, where healing can happen so naturally. 

"Evolutionary Healing" focusses on the uniqueness of each client and on the combination of healing methods. 

Experience a profound physical, mental and emotional transformation.
Free yourself of physical pain, holding patterns and emotional blockages, caused by traumatic events. Bring your body back into its free flowing state of energy. Enable yourself to break through daily negativity loops and into the life of your choosing.




Reconnective Healing® and the personal Reconnection® is a return to Wholeness. It gives your body the chance to reclaim its optimal vibrational state of being. 


I am moving into the awareness of the quantum field to interact with its fully comprehensive spectrum of frequencies consisting of Energy, Light & Information. Reconnecting the grid work of your body to the Ley lines of our planet, and Reconnecting these grids to the universal grid in all dimensions of time and space.

At the forefront of its field, it is a new level of healing that

scientists and researchers show we can access for the very

first time.

The effect:  You are reconnecting to a timeless system of intelligence, return your master vibration, your souls evolution and to an overall optimal state of balance.



An evolutionary approach of bodywork and psychology through which mental and physical tension, trauma and blockages that have settled in the body over decades are released.

I am going into a dialogue with your body in order to emphatically see at which parts, unprocessed emotion

are stored. With the help of this approach, it is possible to specifically feel and process these emotions. This allows you to come in profound contact with yourself like never before.

The effect: Through releasing holding patterns and heavy emotions, your body can let go of pain and tension that might have already existed for many years. With Neo Emotional Release I bring your body and mind back into a free, flowing state. 


Our  traumas, wounding and unresolved emotions, leave our nervoussystem in an unregulated state and decreases our ability to deal with life in a healthy, regulated and conscious way. Breathwork helps us to discharge the energy from our nervoussytem and or physical body and creating more resilience. Within Breathwork, we are able to come in contact with a sensory experience of all those places that we have neglected, exiled, pushed away and chosen not to love and accept. 

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Energy-Medicine unleashes the body's natural ability to heal. So we can return

to our natural state of ease and wellbeing. Discover how we are supported by

an inexhaustible resource: spiritually, energetically, emotionally and physically.

Let me take you on a journey thought the many dimensions of your own self. A transformation of consciousness connecting spirit and matter; mind and body. 

Client Voices

Du hast mir geholfen mein Leben in den Griff zu bekommen und mich selbst zu lieben! Jeder Tag fühlt sich im Moment wie ein Geschenk an! Dafür kann ich dir nicht oft genug danken.

Ich habe mich noch nie so gut gefühlt.


A. Naddafi, Berlin

Luise is the type of healer you search your whole life for.  She is someone so grounded, with colorful life experiences to share insights from. And yet someone with a highly calibrated intuition and extensive training in multiple modalities, to guide in so many other ways. I trusted her from the moment I met her and am so grateful to have experienced her work. I feel more aligned with my body and soul than ever. All I have is gratitude for her work. 


           Christian B., Munich.

The Session with Luise took me on a loving journey to parts of myself I have suppressed and neglected for the longest time. Because of her incredibly soft and strong presence I was able to fully trust my body to surrender. I felt truly held for the first time and am deeply thankful for her healing gifts and her energy of pure love. I hope that many more will be able be able to journey to their true self with her unprecedented intuition and guidance.


 Maya G., Hamburg

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Hortensienstr. 10, 12203 Berlin (Botanischer Garten)

JOY Space, Albrechtstraße 19, 10117 Berlin (Mitte)

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