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Since almost 15 years I study the fact that, besides what we can perceive with our five senses, there is also an energetic level through which everything is connected.


After 2017 the focus of my passion and work has been in the knowledge training of Consciousness-expansion and -research. Thanks to years of practice with plant medicine, an intensive preoccupation with the results of quantum physics and the

existence and meaning of the zero point field, I fell in love with the work of Dr. Eric Pearl and his fundamental healing successes through the discovery of the new Reconnective Healing Frequencies in 1993.


Beginning of 2020 I started working with David Manning, studying his groundbreaking work in Neo Emotional Release that allows the body to release holding patterns and heavy emotions that have been held inside the body for decades, causing psychological and physical issues.


Additionally I am initiated to the ancient healing practices of the South American Medicine Women and Men from the Amazon and the high Andes, by Dr. Alberto Violldo, one of the most well know medical anthropologists of this time; combining 5000 year old wisdom with the newest knowledge of epigenetic and neuroscience. 

Since then I am offering Reconnective Healing®, Neo Emotional Releases and Shamanic Energy Medicine, in my practice at the Botanical Garden (in Zehlendorf, Berlin). The work in plant medicine retreats is also part of my field of activity. 

People who come to me for their healing have often already been to the Chiropractic, Psychotherapist, Massage therapist, Osteopath, to the Psychic and to the Card reader. The map that they hold for their healing has exhausted itself and contacting me as "a Shaman" or as an "Energy Healer" is at times their last resort.

Witnessing physical, mental and emotional healing processes, and helping to awaken the awareness towards the energetic self, to ignite a deeper sense of purpose, self-healing, abundance and connection within I have been selected from spirit for a task that is greater than life itself. 

Infinitely grateful for being taught by some of the best Masters on this earth to share their ancient wisdom of the medicine way with the world.


I am looking forward to be helping you in your process of self-discovery and healingIn some cases, I accompany my clients on their journey over a longer period of time, if desired.


All the Love,


Medicine Woman

Reconnective Healing®Practitioner &

The Reconnection® Practitioner

Neo Emotional Release Therapist 

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner

in Training with Dr. Alberto Violldo

Tel: +49 177 66 33 551



Neo Emotional Release

Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection

Shamanic Energy Medicine:

- Body Illumination

- Resetting of Fight-Flight-Response

- Energy Extraction

- Energetic Cord Cutting

Soul Retrieval

- Rites of passage (midwifing through the process     of physical death)

If you want to know more about my offerings or if you would like to book your healing session with me via telephone, please contact me at:

Tel: +49 177 66 33 551

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