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Shamanic Energy Medicine & Health Coaching

empower clients and loved ones to create exceptional health by making energetic, emotional, nutritional, and lifestyle interventions.

At the Light Body School you learn to work directly with the energetic matrix that informs the body. By healing your energy field you can break free of your karmic and genetic inheritance, and are able to craft a new destiny. Think of it as uploading version 2.0 of the human software!

Energy Medicine unleashes the body's natural ability to heal. So we can return to our natural state of wellness. We discover that we are supported by an inexhaustible resource. Spiritual energetically physically and mentally. 


The luminous energy field (LEF) can be thought of as the software that informs your DNA —the hardware— to repair your body. Ordinarily, your LEF creates your health (and your emotions) according to the instructions inherited from your parents. 

It replicates the heart conditions, the breast conditions, and the emotional dramas that cut across generations. We continue to live out our family’s dramas, to live the way they lived, and to die the way they died.

We can change this! Shamans discovered how to work directly with the energetic matrix that informs the human body and all living beings. In this module, you discover the feminine traditions of our Paleolithic ancestors, and how they contrast with the masculine traditions of modern science. You will learn how the masculine, reductionistic world-view has exhausted itself from economics to medicine and health.

  • Understand the fundamental premise of shamanic energy medicine: how we are light tightly bound into matter; how we have a luminous energy field that is an information field and organizes, heals, and maintains the longevity and health of the body.

  • Recognize our interconnectedness with all life and all beings.

  • Become aware that we are not our stories or the terrible or beautiful things that happen to us. We are infinite beings on a journey through the stars.

  • Learn how to break free of the stories handed down to us in our genetics and from our family of origin.

Afterwards, this would become my mission: to preserve the 5 millennia old heritage of energy medicine and bring it to the western world.

The medicine of the future is energy medicine.

Defined by who you are becoming and not by who you have been in the past.

Illumination Process:

The LEF and the importance of illumination
There is much we already know about our LEF. We know that our LEF contains the information and instructions about how our human body is built, as well how our emotions, actions and behaviors will manifest. We also know that each individual LEF has existed, and will exist, infinitely. We know that our LEF connects us to each and every being, and the energetic field of the earth itself. And we know how unresolved psychological, physical, or spiritual traumas can leave imprints in our LEF. If not cleared, these imprints will manifest in toxic ways—as illness or disease, consistent bad behaviors and decisions, constant negative emotions, and being stuck in fight or flight mode. These imprints will also be passed down to our descendants. However, as shamans, we can clear these imprints! This may shed some light on why the illumination process is so important. The illumination process cleanses our LEF of toxic imprints so we can heal from the traumas of the past. Thus, our past, our culture, our society, our parents, our wounds, our stories up until this point no longer define us. We become the authors of our own destiny. When we let go of our personal history, we begin to understand that we are energetic beings on a timeless journey. We have lived countless lives, and will live many more.   

Extraction Process:

Soul Retrieval Process:

The great rites of passage e.g. Death Rites:


There is no such thing as death:

on the other side of life is only life

- identify and heal imprints in your louminous energy field that predispose you to deseases

- Learn to heal desease before it appears in the physical body, to address the heart and the breast conditions that mybe transmitetd from one generation to the next

- Establishing your connection to your power animal, that will accompaby you thourout the rest of your life

- soulretrieval 

-destiny retreval

start living your life defined by who you are becoming not who you were in the past

emerge in who you were meant to be in this life time

Welcome to Module 2 - Illumination of the Online Energy Medicine Training. You are now entering the South direction of the Medicine Wheel. 


In this Module you will gain an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the Luminous Energy Field. You learn to track in the invisible world of energy and understand the relationship between the chakras, the nervous and endocrine systems. You are able to reset the fight-or-flight system to help your clients live in a world that is safe again. Understanding how we are our stories, and how we can become the storytellers will enable you to consciously dream your world into being. 

Your health span, equals your lifespan! Grow a new body

Every animal has a way of disengaging fight or flight - except humans. 

Fight or flight create emotional neuro networks that are toxic. 

Decoupling: Reset Yourself from fight or flight. Tune into the heatbeat of the mother. We loose the natural reset of fight of flight by the age of 6 Weeks. (Baby Mora Reflex startle Test).

Infos, see Video: The Detox Path, Module 4

ABOUT ME: I have had the privilege to work with the best shamans on this earth to share the ancient wisdome of the medicine way with the west. I have been selected from spirit for a task that is greater than myself. That are greater than I think.

People who come to me for their healing have often already been to the chiropractic, psychotherapist, massage therapist, Osteopath, to the Psycic and to the card reader. The map that they hold for theit healing has exchausted itself and they go to a shaman usually as a last resort. Let me give you a map to the place that you are seeking to find and help you understand that whatever preception that you have from reality you have subsribed to, that you have dreamt up. And how to use this capacity to actually dream your desired reality into beeing. Leaving your concepts of your scattered physical and or mental self, behind. 

Passion: Do discover universal priciples of health and spirituality and share these truth with humaniy to emoower others to alleviate their suffering and elevate their consiousness. 

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