Your Reconnection® in Berlin.

The reconnection is the highest degree of energetic reconnection and is only performed once in a lifetime.

Often times we feel that we don't know what our personal gifts are to give to the world. We often find ourselves in a life that is shaped by "what others expect of us" or what our parents or friends think is "the right thing for us".


The result is that we lead a life that feels stressful and is often shaped by illnesses such as depression, burn-out, autoimmune diseases, etc. All of this is closely related to the fact that we are walking on a path in life that is not appropriate to our true gifts and to our life plan.

Do you also feel the desire to come out of stagnation and take a new, clearer path guided by lightness and "flow" and more intuition?

The Reconnection® enables you to recognize your truth, your gifts and helps you to feel connected to the universal field of power, intelligence, wisdom and love and to be able to fall back on it.

​​With the Reconnection®, three systems are reconnected to one another:
the energy lines of the earth (ley lines), the energy lines of our body (meridian lines) together with the energy grid of the universe.

By restoring the connection between humans, earth and the universe, comparable to a cosmic WLAN, we get the chance to reconnect to the energetic cycles of the universe in order to recognize and accelerate our personal development and our life path.


The body is then permanently supplied with a gentle, basic energy, which contains light and subtle information, so that you (re) discover your individual and / or spiritual abilities. The higher fundamental vibration connects you continuously in the creation of your desired reality.The Reconnection® initiates a wonderful, mostly life-changing process towards your true, light-filled self.

The Reconnection® can cause the following effects:

- Accelerating one's own human evolution

- Expansion of awareness and awareness

- Increase in physical energy

- Grounding and centering

- Finding the purpose in life / meaning

- The occurrence of synchronicities

- The DNA in the cells can be completed back to 12 strands

- Reintegration of "strings" (simultaneously occurring or parallel levels of existence)

The Reconnection® is only performed once in a lifetime and requires two sessions to be performed within 48 hours. Please allow around 1.5 hours for each session.


If you feel like you are in the middle of a midlife crisis, or feel, that you want to break new ground, but even if you are at the beginning of your life and wondering where your own journey in life should lead, please contact me. It is an honor for me to carry out the Reconnection®. The personal reconnection is always a deep experience for everyone involved.

I am looking forward to meeting you and to be your guide on this journey.

If you want to know more about my offerings or if you would like to book your healing session with me via telephone, please contact me at:

Tel: +49 177 66 33 551

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