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Reconnective Healing® & The Reconnection®

Get back to your optimal vibrational frequency. In a state of pure balance for the development of your intuitive self-healing powers and your personal potential.


Healing beyond what has been classically known as energy healing.

Reconnective Healing brings you into a higher vibration frequency, which can help you to regain your well-being in the long term and to come back into harmony and balance with yourself. Through Reconnective Healing® there is a reconnection with our cosmic origin, the measurable source energy that pervades the entire creation. You gain access to a deeper level of consciousness that enables your body to return to its own original, optimal and high vibration frequency. In a state of equilibrium in which intuitive self-healing and regeneration processes are stimulated.


How does Reconnective Healing® work ?

The sessions consist of a tangible energy interaction with a different-dimensional intelligence, consisting of frequencies of energy, light and information. You will experience this balancing effect on all levels of your being: in the body, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


This connection corresponds to our original, healthy, perfect state and sets an effective impulse for self-healing and for the development of the individual potential.


At the moment when the Reconnective Healing® frequencies tune into your energy body, it vibrates at a higher level of light up to a restructuring of the DNA. Your old, dysfunctional patterns will be broken down and your potential for co-creation in harmony with the rhythm of the universe will be revived.


Dr. William A. Tiller, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University explains about the newly discovered frequencies in Reconnective Healing®, "The Reconnective Healing frequencies bring healing beyond what has been classically known as energy healing into a broader spectrum of energy, light and information."

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Benefits of Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing supports you:

  • to activate a state of deep relaxation and revitalization

  • to compensate for energetic interference

  • to gain more clarity about a personal topic

  • to strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence

  • to increase your creativity and performance

  • to gain more integrity, clarity and a higher level of consciousness

  • to get rid of disharmonies in the body that cause disease 

  • to find yourself and break down old limiting patterns

  • to gain more balance and confidence in your own abilities

  • healthier sleep, ability to concentrate

  • clarity and assertiveness

  • burnout prevention or relief

Already after the first session you will perceive deep relaxation, an expanded, more coherent state of consciousness and a positive change in self-perception. 


Some experience obvious, even profound, sensations and immediately recognizable benefits. Others experience very little at the time beyond a sense of relaxation. Most will become aware of subtle improvements over subsequent days and weeks, others will be struck by how quickly and significantly things change for them.

Some people experience unusual events following a Reconnective Healing session with me: vivid dreams, unexpected opportunities, electrical occurrences, prompt positive manifestations.

I strongly recommend that you allow yourself to watch and experience the products of this form of Healing without prejudice or expectation. You usually get what you need most at this stage of your life in this particular lifetime.

Who is Reconnective Healing for?

Reconnective Healing® can be used by people of all ages and also during pregnancy. It has no side effects or contraindications. The session is completely contact-free and lasts 60 - 70 minutes (including preliminary and Debriefing). In the meantime, there is very often a deep state of relaxation filled with peace and well-being. Different physical sensations can also be perceptible while new energy frequencies are manifesting in the body. These often show up in the form of the REM effect of the eyes, slight body movements, visions, color perception, memories or emotions.

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Reconnective Healing® Individual Session

Together with you, I go into a state of emotional stillness, catalyze the frequencies in the field and connect us with the source energy in the quantum field. I open the door for you to an expanded state of consciousness, a connection to your higher self characterized by feelings of peace, activation of your self-healing powers, revitalization and clarity. The sessions take place in my practice rooms. A session takes about 60 minutes.

The personal Reconnection® 

The unique Return to wholeness.

If you feel that you long for your purpose in life and have the feeling that your potential has not yet unfolded, the Reconnection® can help you to accelerate your personal development, your life path and your gifts to appear more clearly. The meridian lines of the body are connected with the lines of force of the earth and the universal grid. By re-establishing the connection between man, earth and the universe, comparable to a cosmic network, the Reconnection® binds you back energetically into our timeless intelligent system. The personal reconnection is something very special and is only carried out once in a lifetime. The sessions take place on 2 consecutive days in my practice rooms. A session lasts about 70 minutes.

Reconnective Healing® for Children 

Our children are often exposed to strain and stress at an early age and need more help and support in order to gain strength in a protected setting and at their own pace to be able to discover and develop their talents and abilities with joy. I cater to them individually - if necessary, healing from a distance is also an option. In general, it can be said that children are particularly receptive to these new frequencies because they are not yet as far away from the source energy as adults.


Reconnective Healing® supports them in:


  • behavioral problems

  • difficulty concentrating, restlessness

  • ADD / ADHD

  • sleep disorders

  • anxiety and panic attacks

  • performance pressure

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Reconnective Healing®

during pregnancy

Mood swings as well as fears or physical stress as well as nausea, water retention and back pain can make this time difficult for mothers during pregnancy. Reconnective Healing® can help in dealing with these complaints - without any side effects - and promote the positive course of the birth itself. The energies are received by mother and child alike and connect them in this wonderful, harmonious experience.

Reconnective Healing® Remote 

Suitable for those who cannot leave their place of residence, are seriously ill or are on their deathbed, people you know and who are going through difficult times and need support. The frequencies are not tied to linear time, distance or three-dimensionality. I work on a non-linear level of perception. The application of a Reconnective Healing® session corresponds completely to an on-site session.

Reconnective Healing® in the Hospital or the Hospice

If you would like to support the inpatient healing process of a loved one by activating their self-healing powers, I am happy to accompany you to the hospital. Reconnective Healing® can also initiate a turning point in the hospice - especially in dealing with the situation and the pain. It can also accompany the processes of saying goodbye, finding peace and transition with light and love. In order to experience the positive effect of the frequencies, the patient does not necessarily have to be present. Distant healing is also possible.


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